This is some of my sketches of the countries i have visited or lived in, for those of you who are not aware of the urban sketching its type of sketching that you can influence with inking or water colors , it usually starts with a Pen, Moleskine and a Scene .  I fell in love with this art since i was in university as it seems to me its like a human camera . enjoy .
Kuwait Sea Side
Florence - Firenze
Wood carvings on the wardrobe of the hotel room in rome
Pisa Tower
Florence - firenze
Shanghai - City Buzz
Beirut - Rouche
Small details of kfar debyean houses - Lebanon
Manara - the new light house of beirut 
Old Manara - the old light house being surrounded by the old houses and trees .
Seahet El-Nejmeh - The Star Squar Clock, Beirut Downtown  
Next Destination is Always a Mystery . . . 
It started , but it wont end ... 
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